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Nature Aquarium Designer

Level of master scape Custom Aquarium Design Consultation Design Consultations... Make Your Ideas Come to Life The first step to a beautiful aquarium display is a great & well thought out design. There are many things to consider as you plan your feature. Ocean Waves has been designing, building, installing & maintaining custom built aquariums since 2014 We understand that it’s not only important for it to look the way you envision it, but it must also be functional and easy to maintain. We can work directly with you, your Interior Designer, Builder, or Contractor to create the perfect feature in your home of office. Our custom aquarium consultations are free and no obligation. We can assist from small to large systems, and with any size budget. We have built some beautiful nano tanks, to large museum and public displays. Give us a call to get more details about us

Monster Fish Aquarium Designer

The aim of this article is to discuss the basic setup and maintenance of Monster fish, those that get over a foot in length (often, much more than two feet) and usually have a high protein diet, requiring more filtration and care than a normal freshwater tank setup.

Marine Aquarium Designer

Marine fish-keeping is different from its freshwater counterpart because of the fundamental differences in the constitution of saltwater and the resulting differences in the adaptation of its inhabitants. A stable marine aquarium requires more equipment than freshwater systems, and generally requires more stringent water quality monitoring. The inhabitants of a marine aquarium are often difficult to acquire and are usually more expensive than freshwater aquarium inhabitants. However, the inhabitants of saltwater aquariums are usually much more spectacular than freshwater aquarium fish.

Largest Public Aquarium Designer

By concentrating all the aspects of public aquarium construction and management, we can offer you all the services and know-how to build and manage a successful public aquarium. We are keen and confident on offering you the possibility of a turn-key project, where you must only tell us your desires and expectations. We will make sure, by constant collaboration and feedback with you, that these are met within the budget. Also, every project will be followed as something related to its environment and social heritage. On time and operational, the Aquarium will shine on its own.

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